Juneau Makerspace Coronavirus Precautions

Hello Makers,

In response to the outbreak of COVID-19, the board of Juneau Makerspace has decided to take some precautions.

Member Access & Rentals
The Makerspace will remain open to members, as per usual. However, rentals for the foreseeable future will only be available to groups of under 25 people. This will include public events.

Open Studio Nights
We will continue to be open for our Monday Night Open Studios. However, the 3D printing workshop this week will be the last class or activity with an associated with an Open Studio for the foreseeable future. Future Open Studios will be geared towards members and prospective members.

Staying Healthy
The health and safety of our members is our highest priority. We have put up hand sanitizer dispensers and have some gloves and facemasks available for those who wish to use them at the front table. As the Makerspace is a shared space, we’d like to remind our members that they can help by cleaning up after using it. Clorox wipes available in the kitchen.

Please do not use the Makerspace if you are feeling ill. Remember to practice self-care, and, of course, please wash your hands.