Juneau Makerspace (JMS) Membership levels:

  • $25/month | Student Membership: For starving students full of potential, and above 18 years of age. Same rights as full member access and you can get access after a one month vetting period for 24/7 access. Rack storage space not included.
  • $50/month | Regular Membership: Full access to all the tools and services offered to yourself and family members. After a one month vetting period you will receive 24/7 access to the shop. You own the place! Does not include rack storage for personal projects
  • $80/month | Premium Membership: All of the above, INCLUDING your own dedicated, locking, Maker Cubbie for keeping your personal tools and projects always ready for you.
  • $275 | 6 Months Regular Membership
  • $500 | 12 Months Regular Membership

Membership payments can be made in person at Juneau Makerspace, or with PayPal below:

To purchase one or more months of membership, select the level and hit Buy Now:




To set up recurring a membership, select the level and hit Subscribe:

Recurring Membership


Recurring memberships may be canceled at any time on your PayPal account or here: