Main Hall

The heart of the Makerspace, and we’ve got a big heart. This is a multipurpose room with everything needed for large groups or very active small ones. The stage is great for performances or practice, Tables and whiteboards can be set up for meetings. Work on a project that is too large to fit in any of the dedicated shops and studios. Admire the art on the walls made by local artists.


A place for woodworking hobbyists and professionals alike. Make a personalized frame or repair furniture. The outside covered walkway can accommodate larger projects.

Tools include: table saw, 6” jointer/planer, drill presses, small band saws, CNC routers, belt and disc sanders, router table, scroll saws, miter saws, track saw, bench grinder, metal sheer/press brake/roller, cordless drills, clamps, and all sorts of hand tools.

Electronics Lab

Invent a new widget or killer app here. Fix that toaster you’ve been meaning to get around to.

Tools include:  3D printer, laser cutters, soldering irons, oscilloscope, multimeters, breadboards, computers, hand tools, and lots of spare wire. Other media equipment includes a projector, and photo studio ligts and stands.

Ceramics Studio

Get your hands covered in clay. In the ceramics studio, it’s ok to make a mess. It’s the place for sculptors and potters to learn the basics or form their masterpiece. We do group firings in our kilns.

Tools include: electric pottery wheel, kick wheel, kilns, glazes, drying rack, and clay.

Craft Room

Art happens here. This is the place to create with a wide range of materials and media.

Tools include: sewing machines, candle making supplies, paint, ring saw, cricket cutter, silk screening, light table, flower press, fabrics, stamps, and a wide assortment of hand tools and found objects.


Coming soon. Affectionately known as the bakerspace, the kitchen is the place to make the tastiest projects.

Tools include: oven, refrigerator, sinks, and a fruit press.


A quiet area to relax from all the making going on. Browse the library of books on every subject from home craft projects to professional woodworking to DIY electronics. It's also home to our rolling press, silkscreen tools, and a bicycle repair station.