Going Steampunk: This Week at the Open Studio Night

This week at our Open Studio Night, Monday 6 to 8 pm, we’re having a special presentation on steampunk. Come learn how to make a Halloween costume that will help you blend into a world of airships and  stylized giant gears, and how to turn an old nerf gun into a dinosaur hunting rifle. Thanks to Seth Caron, aka Colonel Tanner, for the presentation. As always, Open Studio Nights are free and open to everyone.
Our garage sale was a great success. We’ve opened up a lot more floor space to bring in new equipment and accommodate larger projects.
Next week we’re pumpkin carving at the Makerspace. Don’t just carve a few triangles into your pumpkin and call it good. Bring it by Open Studio Night to have the scariest pumpkin in the neighborhood.
There will not be an Open Studio Night on Halloween itself, though the space is always available for members.
For those interested in Ham radios, you can come by the Makerspace on Friday nights at 7 pm to help build one and learn more about them.