Artpocalypse Is Upon Us!

Our annual fundraiser for Juneau Makerspace has gone online this year. We’re having an art auction, and you can donate your art! The format will be small works by secret artists. When you sign up you will receive a piece of blank 5×7″ media to for you to create your art on. Make sure to sign it on the back, as the artists will be kept secret until after the auction.

Click here to sign up!

More details:

We will have various types of media for you to use for the artwork — paper, wood, metal, or fiber *

You may choose a minimum of one and a maximum of four blanks, but we do request you use what you

All media will be 5 x 7”

You may use any media as long as you stay within the size parameter and the art is attached to the blank

You must sign your work only on the back of the art piece!

*You may use your own material, but it must stay within the 5 x 7” parameter!

Juneau Makerspace continues to be closed to the public, but new members may schedule an orientation by appointment. We are working to continue building our community of makers while remaining socially distant.