2022 Updates for the Makerspace

It’s a new year and we have so many new things happening at the Makerspace. From new resources to new events, here’s an update on what’s been happening and coming soon to Juneau Makerspace!

First, please help us welcome two new board members to the Makerspace. Lue Isaac and Clayton Dale have both stepped up to help lead the Makerspace. Both have been active members of the maker community and we are excited to have them guiding the future of the Makerspace in an official capacity. If you are interested in joining our team, we have open positions available too. We are in particular need of a treasurer.

In addition to new members on the board, we are now offering non-board volunteer roles at the Makerspace as Studio Captains. Each captain is in charge of one studio and will help keep it orderly and set the direction for the studio. Studios Captains serve for three months and get a discount on their membership. If you are interested in this role for one of our studios, let us know.

A new program we are starting at the Makerspace is our facilitated rentals. We have had a lot of demand for individual and small group classes in our studios on specific topics. We are beginning to offer these through members who volunteer as teachers. If there is a specific skill, tool, or craft you want to learn or teach, let us know. Facilitated rentals will cost $60/hour, with half going to the instructor and half to the Makerspace.

The kiln has been upgraded with a cooling fan and exhaust system to allow for higher firing temperatures. We are excited to offer a wider range of firing temperatures to our members. As always, we organize kiln firings as needed between our members.

We now have stage curtains! The stage in the main hall now has curtains that allow it to be used as a performance space or a private area within the main hall. We can’t wait to see how they will get used. The main hall is available to rent for $20/hour, and members get a 20% discount on rentals.

Life Drawing classes are being held on Sundays at the Makerspace. They are 2 pm to 5 pm in the above-mentioned curtained area of the main hall. The class times may change month to month, so for the most up-to-date information, see the calendar on our website: juneaumakerspace.org/classes-and-rentals/. If you have an event you want to host at the Makerspace, check out our calendar for available times.

To keep the main hall open for events and activities, members with projects that need more than one day will be able to use the back lobby area instead. You will need to coordinate with us if you need to leave a project there while it is being actively worked on. Personal projects cannot be left in the main hall.